Afghanistan Trip 2005 Pictures

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Meeting at San Diego State University with Linton Wells, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration and SDSU Professor Eric Frost, Director, Immersive Visualization Center (Discussion involved using Department of Defense resources to build wireless capacity in Jalalabad)

Flight out of Kabul. Look close and you will see Osama.

Great place to vacation

Getting colder

Approaching Kabul

Kabul River on the road from Jalalabad to Kabul

Students thanking Rotary at dedication ceremony

Rotary Clock--Jalalabad face Rotary Clock-- San Diego face

Steve Brown addressing dedication ceremony

Mayor Arsalai at listening to Steve Brown's talk

Nangarhar Governor speaking at Dedication Ceremony

Pakistani Rotarian Zamarud Shah at Dedication Ceremony.

Nangarhar Governor inspecting school.

Nangarhar Governor with personal body guard at Rotary clock

Fary Moini providing La Jolla Golden Triangle Club banner to RC Jalalabad

Presentation of Charter to Rotary Club of Jalalabad--co-sponsored by La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club (with Peshawar South RC)

Jalalabad Mayor Arsalai addressing Rotary Club of Jalalabad

Presentation of Paul Harris Fellowship to Mohammad Ishaq courtesy of five Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Le Mesa, CA

Mohammad Ishaq--Charter President Rotary Club of Jalalabad

Rotary Club of Jalalabad Charter Night

A skit was performed

The Governor asked us to come by for dinner with himself and a few guests.

Lunch with the Governor

Others joined us for lunch

Elders at Meeting with Director of Information and Culture

Meeting with Nangarhar Director of Information and Culture and his staff.

Carousel at Afghan Amusement Park

Afghan Amusement Park

Billiards at Amusement Park

Afghan Amusement Park

Ring toss at Afghan amusement Park

La Jolla Golden Triangle Centennial Clock arrives in Jalalabad.

Rotary School Faculty

Afghanistan GSE team members

Sister Cities meeting before room filled up

Mayor Arsalai and son Sedig at Mayor's office.

Boys in classroom at Rotary School

Front view of Rotary School with new wing on right hand side

Full back view of Rotary school

Hew wing of Rotary school from backside

Boy waiting to go to classroom at Rotary School

Girls lined up to go into classrooms at Rotary School

Girls lined up to go into classrooms at Rotary School

Girls lined up to go into classrooms at Rotary School

Girls lined up to go into classrooms at Rotary School

Boys waiting to go to classrooms at Rotary School

Jalalabad market

Tea with Rotary school teachers


No complaints about  class size

Fary with school girls

Girls about to enter school.

We found her

School boys with backpack

Tora Bora mountains behind school.

Girls lined up to go into classrooms at Rotary School

Nangarhar University Chancellor (between Fary and Steve), NU faculty chairs,  support staff, and AHF representatives who attended meeting where proposal to establish collaborative relationship between San Diego State University and NU was presented and approved.

"Afghan Jacuzzi" This is called something like a Sundalai. It holds eight and you sit on pillows with an extended blanked coming from the table. Everyone's legs go under the table and there is a heating unit under the table that warms the legs.

Steve and Mayor Arsalai's son, Sadiq, on road from Kabul to Jalalabad, Jan. 14

Interior of new addition of Rotary School

Steve and Fary and Rotary School with new addition on right about to be painted. Tora Bora mountain range in background.

Interior of old addition of Rotary School with interior courtyard finished.

Rotary Club of Baku, Azerbaijan. With Rotary scholar Bahar Salimova selected from low income country, and club president and wife.