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Humanitarian transportation grant for school computers (David Tansey, John Stephan, 2002)

Indo/Pak Rotary Peace Project (Dory Beatrice, 2003)

Nyingtobling Tibetan Handicapped Children’s Craft Home, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh: Fence, septic

tank, toilets, and roof repairs (Dory Beatrice, 2001)

Polio National Immunization Day: In-country participation (Steve Brown)

Proposed matching grant: Tibetan settlement electricity generation projects (Dory Beatrice, 2003)

Tibetan Children’s Village for orphaned and destitute refugee children, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh:

Science and Math Multimedia Laboratory, state-of-the-art center with 60 networked computers,

instructional kits, books, videos, software for science and math learning. (Dory Beatrice, 2001)

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Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar (LeRoy Willoughby, 1996)

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Hisako Shimono (Tim Evans, 1997)

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Kiyotaka Sato (Bob Griffin)

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Mika Omori (Mary Griffin and Louise Andres, 2003)

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South Korea

Physiotherapy equipment, Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged, Tamyang, Korea (Jack Dodds,


Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Kee Sub Ham (Carl Lower, 1997)

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Ko Sang-Ho (Jack Dodds, 2001-present)

Tamyang Little Sisters of the Poor Home for Aged grant (Jack Dodds, 2001)

Van for Sisters (Jack Dodds)

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Russia (Eastern)

Computer to Oriental School, Vladivostok (David Tansey, 1995)

Computer, software and internet access to Children’s Clinical Hospital, Vladivostok (David Tansey, 1996)

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Sponsorship Patrick Reilly as Rotary volunteer in Thailand School (Steve Brown)

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Orthopedic Saw for Children’s hospital (Dennis Bucko,1999)

San Diego Vietnamese Community Liaison (Steve Brown and Cynthia Villis)

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