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Middle East and Southwest Asia

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Charter of Jalalabad Rotary Club (Steve Brown, 2003)                    

College text book drive (Irwin Rubenstein, John Peak, 2003)

Dictionaries, college texts, encyclopedias (Steve Brown, 2003)

Group Study Exchange with Nangarhar University, Jalalabad,

2004-05 (Steve Brown)

Jalalabad School (Steve Brown, Rick Clark, Fary Moini, and

Jan Percival, 2002 present; photo at left)

Nangarhar University Computer Lab (Steve Brown, 2003)

Sister Cities: San Diego and Jalalabad (Steve Brown, 2003)

Sister Schools: Doyle Elementary and Jalalabad School (Fary

Moini and Steve Brown, 2003)

Ultrasound machine (Marty Rosenstein, Steve Brown, 2003)

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Individual Grant (Fary Moini and Steve Brown, 2003)

Rotary Volunteer (Fary Moini, Steve Brown, Jan Percival, Barbara Levin, and Rick Clark, 2002)

School Computer Lab, Peshawar (Steve Brown, 2003)

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