LJGT International Service Committee Projects

North and Central America

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Costa Rica

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Terry Duong (Carl Lower, 2001)

Village Bank project (2000)

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100 computers and software in 4 schools (Steve Brown)

Ambulance and station at Cruz Roja Mexicana, Rosarito (Steve Brown, 1994)

Aztlan School Restoration: School Supplies and Books (John Thill and Jim Thomas, 1998-99)

Aztlan School Fence restoration and book drive (Bob Griffin and Bonnie Brunner, 1999)

Basketball courts and playground equipment for two schools (1991)

Casa Hogar de la Immaculada Orphanage, Zamora: Remodel potato chip business (Dennis Bucko, 2001)

Children’s Dental Clinic donation (1998)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Calendar (Steve Brown, 1999)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Equipment for pediatric specialty clinic (2000)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Gastro-interology equipment (1995)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Generator and sterilizer (2000)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Grant (John Thill, 1999)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Medical equipment and furniture for 12 examination rooms (2000)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Playground equipment (Eric Freeberg and John Thill, 1995)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Textbooks, teaching videos, computers, overhead projectors for

community outreach (with Joseph’s Foundation, John Thill and Eric Freeberg, 1999)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Training for rural doctors (Steve Brown, 2001)

Children’s Hospital of the Californias: Training for pediatric physical therapists (Steve Brown, 2003)

Christmas in April, Rosarito Beach (Rick Clark, Mexican and LJGTR Rotarians, 1998)

Christmas in October, Rosarito (Eric Freeberg, 1998)

Cistern to supply fresh water to a dental clinic in the Flores Magnon region (1983-94)

Clinic equipment, Tijuana (1998)

Club Rotario Rosarito Promote/Demote (1999)

Computers to Rosarito and Tijuana (Luis Sztuden, 1995)

Computer equipment and training: New high school computer centers, Northern Mexico (1994)

Esperanza International Health Clinic: Dental, opthamology, laboratory and emergency operating

equipment (Bob Griffin and Cynthia Villis, 1997)

Esperanza International Health Clinic: Medical and dental equipment (Cynthia Villis, 2002)

Esperanza International Health Clinic: Telephone and intercom system (Cynthia Villis, 1999)

Esperanza International Health Clinic: Promotoras’ outreach training (Cynthia Villis, 1998)

Esperanza International Health Center: Computerization (Cynthia Villis, 2000)

Esperanza International Volunteer Orientation Center: Audio-visual equipment, furniture, and furnishings

(Cynthia Villis and Steve Brown, 1999)

Food drive for Ensenada (Bill Radcliffe, 1994)

Gift of Sight Program (Lisa Galstian, 2001)

Health Care Program in Mexico (2000)

Medical and dental supplies, Tijuana (1992)

Medical Interns (Steve Brown, 2001)

Mercy Cleft Palate Project (Dennis Bucko, 2001)

Mexican doctors committee: Funds and equipment (Steve Brown, 2000)

MOST (Dennis Bucko, Emidio del Conte, 199_ - present)

Navidad in Noviembre (since 1998)

Padres 2-for-1 matching grant for Children’s Hospital (Steve Brown, 2000)

Painting of Tijuana school

Para Los Ninos de las Californias (1998)

Project Concern: Medical and health related equipment

Provide eye care and diagnostic medical equipment, Tijuana (1996)

Reconstructive surgery: Young boy from Tijuana orphanage (Dennis Bucko, 1998)

Rosarito children’s visit (1995)

Rosarito Immacular House of Orphans (2000)

Rosarito school trip to San Diego Zoo (Dennis Bucko, 2000, 2001)

Rosarito School for the Deaf (Eric Freeberg and Tom Theodorelos, 1999)

Rosarito School for the Deaf: Computer and printer (1999)

Rosarito School for the Deaf: Shoes that Fit (Cynthia Villis, 1999)

Rosarito School rehab (1998)

Rosarito sports day (George Mannschreck, 1994)

San Diego Journey through the Universe Community Science Night: Bus and translator for Mexican

students (Cynthia Villis and Tom Theodorelos, 2003)

Solar Energy project in Rosarito (Owen Thomas and Tom Theodorelos, 2001)

Tarahumara Indian Wells, Copper Canyon (Ann Wille, 1999-00)

Village Banking (Sheryl McTear)

Water system for Tijuana health clinic

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United States

Christmas in April (Rick Clark, Mexican and LJGTR Rotarians, 2000 - present)

City Heights Sewing Project (Steve Brown and Cynthia Villis, 2000 - present)

Somalia single mothers project (2000)

UCSD International Café (John Peak, 1995 – present)

US/Mexico Rotary Peace Program, USD Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Dedicatory Conference

(Steve Brown and Cynthia Villis, 2001)

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